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Wooden Boards

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Introducing the Libo Wooden Boards – Montessori materials that help build a strong foundation for mastering language. The two-sided board is made from solid wood and provides plenty of space for writing, drawing, or practicing language concepts. One side is divided into 4 rectangles with grooves along which small objects can be arranged to form sentences. When the rectangles are flipped the other side has compartments designed for sorting and sound recognition exercises. With its sturdy construction and versatile features, the Libo Wooden Boards will help children get a head start on learning language skills in an effective and engaging way!



Libo’s Wooden Boards are amongst the best language teaching aids montessori materials on the market. These wooden boards offer a safe and high-quality way to teach children about language and offer perfect Montessori teaching aid for classrooms. They are made with child-safe materials and manufactured with precise craftsmanship to ensure a fine finish. With this product, teachers can help engage students in activities that focus on developing their knowledge of phonology, orality, grammar, and other key linguistic skills. The heavy-duty construction ensures it’s able to handle everyday wear and tear with ease. Creative activities can be created from the pieces included in each set of boards for a fun Montessori learning experience for everyone involved.


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