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Wooden Cube Material



The Wooden Cube Material from Libo is an excellent choice for a learning tool in any Montessori classroom. This product offers a fun and interactive way for children to learn mathematics. The wooden cubes come in different sizes and colors, offering both visual and tactile appeal. Through the use of these cubes, children are able to explore math concepts such as counting, sorting, sequencing, addition, subtraction and more. This versatile material can be used over and over again to create new activities that will keep your students engaged and excited about math!



Libo’s Wooden Cube Material is a Montessori teaching aid specifically designed for learning math fundamentals in the classroom. This high quality set is made from child safe materials and features a fine finish for an aesthetically pleasing result.

The Wooden Cube Material provides a durable learning experience that your students will love. Its vibrant colors and distinct shapes will draw student attention and facilitate their understanding of basic mathematical concepts. Plus, this product is designed to develop critical thinking skills and stimulate creativity for an enjoyable learning experience.


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