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Stereognostic Shapes

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Introducing Libo’s Stereognostic Shapes, a Sensorial Montessori material! Designed for children ages 2-6, this tactile learning aid helps develop fine motor skills and encourages children to explore through touch. Each set contains a variety of geometric shapes in various colors and textures, encouraging meaningful exploration and providing visual stimulation. Perfect for fostering independence, hand-eye coordination, problem solving skills and more. Add Libo’s Stereognostic Shapes to your child’s Montessori classroom today!



Libo’s Stereognostic Shapes are the ideal sensorial Montessori Materials for young children. Crafted with high-quality, child safe materials, this set of shapes promotes hand-eye coordination and gives kids a great way to learn more about geometry. The items have a smooth, fine finish that makes them pleasant to handle and keeps tiny hands free from injury. With different sizes and angles, each item in this set is designed to help children understand the concept of stereognosis – identifying objects by touch. As an essential Montessori teaching aid, these shapes are sure to be a hit in any childcare facility.

The Stereognostic Shapes offer hours of fun and learning opportunities for young minds. Parents can rest assured that their child will be practicing important skills as they explore this fascinating world of tactile learning at home or in the classroom. A perfect tool for developing fine motor skills and visual perception, these high-quality materials also encourage problem solving and creativity – all while having fun!


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